Live Performances from Actual Events

DUO   Medley, Linnie Canal, Venice

DUO   Amy Winehouse's "Valerie," Linnie Canal, Venice

BAND   U2's "Bad," Columbia Park, Torrance

BAND & DUO   Quick Demo

About Videos Below


During covid-19 pandemic, Good Cop Bad Cop hauled their gear out to the beach and played eight "Pandemic Relief" Concerts for their community in the huge open-air space.  All videos below were shot by fans on their cell phones; we thank them for shooting and sharing:

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Duo or Band

One of the best cover bands in Los Angeles also performs as a remarkable acoustic duo. Clients include rock stars, major corporations, Armed Forces, non-profits and more. Exceptional singer. Numerous superb reviews are a "must see."  All kinds of events, formal to casual.

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