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Live Performances from Actual Events

DUO   Medley, Linnie Canal, Venice

DUO   Amy Winehouse's "Valerie," Linnie Canal, Venice

BAND   U2's "Bad," Columbia Park, Torrance

BAND & DUO   Quick Demo

About Videos Below


During darkest days of covid-19 pandemic, Good Cop Bad Cop hauled their gear onto beach at Venice Pier, CA and played nine "Pandemic Relief" Concerts in the ample open-air space.  All videos below were recorded by fans on their cell phones; we thank them for shooting and sharing.

"Plush,"  Pandemic Relief Show, Nov 28, 2020

"1979,"  Pandemic Relief Show, Halloween, 2021

"Even Flow,"  Pandemic Relief Show, Mar 27, 2021

"Learn to Fly,"  Pandemic Relief Show, Mar 27, 2021

"Last Dance with Mary Jane,"  Pandemic Relief Show, Dec 26, 2021

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